General Laser Ablation

General Laser Ablation

Laser ablation can be used on any substrate to remove contaminants and sterilise areas. The type of ablation required varies significantly depending on instructions received from our clients. Laser ablation is applicable for marking, cutting, texturing, and cleaning different materials.

Laser ablation has several advantages over other removal methods, including less hazardous waste and fewer ergonomic injuries. Compared to chemical stripping and media blasting, laser ablation can decrease hazardous waste by more than 90%. Chemicals used in conventional methods contribute to the waste stream, while laser light remains energy and does not add to physical waste.

Reducing recurring costs and producing less hazardous waste adds up to significant savings while helping to protect the environment. The laser ablation process can be used both in manufacturing new parts and servicing existing products.

Some of the advantages that LASMO laser ablation provides include:

It is a non-contact process that requires low maintenance and operating costs

Low environmental footprint due to the lack of dangerous consumables like chemicals or abrasives

Provides an effective way of cleaning/preparing surfaces without using excessive heat

What can LASMO laser ablation do for you?

General Laser Ablation
General Laser Ablation
General Laser Ablation

Laser Cleaning Solutions

that work

Useful on any substrate and commonly used within residential, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.
We are a valued supplier of laser ablation and asset services to the oil and gas industry.
Tube inspection from the planning stage through to the execution and report finalisation exercise.
Ideally suited to facilitate metallurgical investigation and is commonly used to remove contamination and corrosion
Removal of thick coatings to enable accurate NDT inspections and removal of contaminants to improve weld quality .
Same day turnaround time com[pared to conventional cleaning methods saving you time & money.
Laser ablation of welds & internal structures inside reactors, vessels, tanks, turbine housing, ships, tunnels & other structures.
High accuracy 3D imaging enables complete assessment of assets and infrastructure damage
Hard surfaces within the confines of the hulls can be cleaned without any risk of contaminating adjacent equipment or instrument panels.