The following information was extracted directly from the SDS provided prior to starting the laser ablation.

The coating seen here is 'Classified as non-hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC.'

Fire & Explosion Hazard:

This product is combustible and may ignite if overheated. Dense fumes are given off from burning material, which may cause headaches, dizziness and irregular breathing if inhaled.


Not flammable under manufacturers' recommended conditions of

Question the Terminology

'Non-hazardous', 'not flammable' and 'is combustible and may ignite' are important terminologies within this SDS which can be confusing. This is better presented visually when 2000W laser power is applied to remove the coating.

Answer for yourself
  1. Is the terminology used within the SDS accurate?
  2. Do you know what this coating is called?

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