Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces

Confined space laser ablation of welds and internal structures like baffles located inside reactors, vessels, tanks, turbine housing, ships, and submarines (hulls and engine rooms), tunnels and other structures can facilitate optimal results for non-destructive testing and inspection.

The highly trained team at LASMO have the knowledge, skills and expertise to undertake the complex and difficult tasks associated with confined space entry and confined space cleaning. Our team menbers understand that a confined space is determined by the hazards associated with the task and not just because work is performed in a small space.

Benefits of using the LASMO laser services to clean surfaces in confined spaces includes:

No consumables, abrasives or chemicals are necessary

Cleaning is quiet in comparison to other methods

Small equipment operating footprint

Improve productivity & save costs

Confined Spaces


Don’t risk your safety. Confined space cleaning and its entry requirements needs expert knowledge, skills and experience. Let the highly trained and fully accredited team at LASMO complete your confined space cleaning needs..

Contact us about your confined space requirements. Please call 044 710 6087 or contact us online. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply email us at

Laser Cleaning Solutions

that work

Useful on any substrate and commonly used within residential, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.
We are a valued supplier of laser ablation and asset services to the oil and gas industry.
Tube inspection from the planning stage through to the execution and report finalisation exercise.
Ideally suited to facilitate metallurgical investigation and is commonly used to remove contamination and corrosion
Removal of thick coatings to enable accurate NDT inspections and removal of contaminants to improve weld quality .
Same day turnaround time com[pared to conventional cleaning methods saving you time & money.
Laser ablation of welds & internal structures inside reactors, vessels, tanks, turbine housing, ships, tunnels & other structures.
High accuracy 3D imaging enables complete assessment of assets and infrastructure damage
Hard surfaces within the confines of the hulls can be cleaned without any risk of contaminating adjacent equipment or instrument panels.